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Want to have something different as a centerpiece other than flowers? We have a huge variety of decor options to accomodate your theme. Add a personal touch to any special occasion with our custom made centerpieces that will set the mood to your event.  

All Centerpieces vary in size and details, therefore they vary in prices. You can look at our featured designs and let us know if there is a particular piece you’d like. You can also mix and match some pieces to create your own look. We will then work on a quote and send your way.

We use a variety of different materials to create our centerpieces. From glass to tissue paper, from styrofoam to premium cardstock, no type is ever dismissed. 

Minnie Mouse Red Centerpiece
Circus Centerpiece 2
Cowboy Cactus Centerpiece
Cowboy Bottle Centerpiece
Gold and lace centerpiece
Heartbeat Centerpiece 2
Heartbeat Centerpiece 5
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