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The Birth of Heavenly Hands Occasions

We started our amazing journey in 2010 when I created my first set of TinkerBell centerpieces for a friend. Many years before I always found ways to allow my creative juices to flow through decor whether it was for events or homes. Never in my wildest dreams did I think anyone would actually pay me for them. I would help out family and friends with their events and even helped my mother and sister with my Quinceanera decor.

I gained experience with my first wedding at the age of 18. A friend of mine needed help with her decorations and favors and jumped at the chance to lend my crafty hands. After all, I already had some centerpiece creation experience during my Quinceanera. We went on a shopping spree at Downtown LA gathering ideas and looking at many supply stores. I was in a crafter's heaven.

I organized and decorated my first baby shower in August of 2006 when my husband and I decided to throw a surprise baby shower for his cousin. I loved every detail and received many compliments. I remember being asked if I by any chance thought of decorating weddings and quinceaneras and frankly the thought of it scared me. This at the time was just a hobby of mine. I was concentrating on my education at CSULB with the goals of receivng my bachelors and registering for Chiropractic school after graduation. Making party decor was just a hobby. Something I liked doing in my little free time and was definitely not thinking about making income out of it. I was happy to help family and friends.

Gears shifted quickly when our family business in the Spa and Beauty industry fell due to the economy colapsing. People were no longer interested in pampering themselves and our business suffered for it. We unwillingly sold parts of the business and closed our doors in late 2010, a decision that was not easily made. I was devastated and felt like a failure. But God had other plans for me.

Just a few months later, the friends who's wedding I had helped in, asked if I would help her with her niece's birthday party centerpieces. I jumped at the chance and gave her some ideas. Then she asked if I would make them and she'd pay me. I had no idea what to charge. Since it was something I enjoyed doing, the thought of charging for something I loved was insane. Putting all the cost in supplies at the time I decided to charge $10 per centerpiece. I never imagined what that centerpiece would mean to me in the years to come.

After so much trial an error and many, many tears, we learned and we grew. I made a lot of mistakes but learned from them. With each piece I created I gained experience. I found a faster and improved way to do things. With each event also came more challenges. As each client's request became greater, I had to find ways to deliver exceptional work without knowing how to achieve it. I searched, I read, I practiced and I made. There were many late nights, aching hands, sore muscles, headaches, heartaches, sweat, blood and did I mention tears already?

Looking back at our experience I am grateful for the opportunities we now have to coordinate and design large events such as weddings and quinceaneras. The faces of satisfied clients and knowing our work is beyond their expectations is what keeps us going. I feel so blessed to be able to let my creative juices flow and create memorable experiences for others to enjoy.

We hope you stay tuned and join us in our journey. Where will God will take us next? Only He knows. For now, we are embracing every moment and enjoying it to the fullest. Together my husband and I would like to thank you for your continued love and support. We hope to provide you with an amazing experience with the gift of design that God has given us.

Our logos throughout the years.

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